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Aziz the storyteller

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  • Auteur: Hughes, Vi
    Contributor: Czernecki, Stefan

    Long ago, in the East, an old storyteller rose with the sun, gathered his small faded carpet, and set out for the marketplace. There he waited for the day to begin and the one he was waiting for to appear. In this enchanting story set in the Middle East, a storyteller becomes old and weary, ready to retire. Aziz loves to listen to tales in the marketplace, but his father scolds him for wasting his time with stories instead of selling carpets. One day the old storyteller tells Aziz that all the stories of the world are woven into a small faded carpet. He asks Aziz to become the next storyteller, the one who will inherit this enchanted carpet. Aziz is forced to make a decision that will change his entire life forever.

    Éditeur original: Vancouver, Tradewind Books
    Langue(s): English
    ISBN: 1896580459
    Collection(s)/Series: BC Summer Reading Club 2019