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Bodies of tomorrow : technology, subjectivity, science fiction

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  • Auteur: Vint, Sherryl

    Anxieties about embodiment and posthumanism have always found an outlet in the science fiction of the day. In Bodies of Tomorrow, Sherryl Vint argues for a new model of an ethical and embodied posthuman subject through close readings of the works of Gwyneth Jones, Octavia Butler, Iain M. Banks, William Gibson, and other science fiction authors. Vint's discussion is firmly contextualized by discussions of contemporary technoscience, specifically genetics and information technology, and the implications of this technology for the way we consider human subjectivity.

    • Gwyneth Jones: the world of the body and the body of the world
    • Octavia Butler: be(com)ing human
    • Iain M. Banks: the culture-al body
    • Cyberpunk: return of the repressed body
    • Raphael Carter: the fall into meat
    • Jack Womack and Neal Stephenson: the world and the text and the world in the text
    • Conclusion: towards an ethical posthumanism.
    Éditeur original: Toronto, Buffalo, University of Toronto Press
    Langue(s): English