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Brook Benton : there goes that song again

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    Brook Benton was a magnificent singer who could handle handle anything from blues, jazz and soul to country, pop and standards.  His version of Tony Joe White’s ‘Rainy Night In Georgia’ - an international smash in 1970 - remains a timeless classic.

    The biographical part of the book by Herwig Gradischnig is based on an album of newspaper cuttings personally compiled by Brook. These contain the singer’s views on a wide variety of topics, as well as reviews of his work.  Personal interviews conducted in the USA with members of Brook’s family have also been included.  A significant portion of the text is dedicated to detailed discussion of Brook Benton’s recordings and analysis of his distinctive vocal style.

    The exhaustive discography compiled by Hans Maitner identifies over 660 known recordings by Benton.  In this, it far surpasses all others published to date, which generally account for only around 300.


    Part 1 - Attempt at a Portrait (Herwig Gradischnig)


            1    Childhood and Move to New York

            2    Clyde Otis, Dave Dreyer and Mercury Records

            3    Brook Benton the Recording Artist

            4    The Voice

            5    Brook Benton on Stage

            6    Style and Stagecraft of Brook Benton the Entertainer

            7    TV Shows and Film Projects

            8    Brook Benton’s Personality

            9    Brook Benton the Family Man

          10    Brook Benton’s Social Commitment

          11    Brook Benton and Civil Rights

          12    Brook Benton’s Character, Likes and Interests

          13    Brook Benton’s Legacy


    Part 2 - Discography (Hans Maitner)

                   Recording Sessions 1949-88

                   US, UK and International Releases


            I      Unissued and Rejected Titles

           II      US Picture Sleeve Singles

          III      Brook Benton’s Hits

         IV      Brook Benton the Composer

          V      Sheet Music

         VI      Brook Benton Songs recorded by Other Artists

        VII      Films, Videos and TV Shows

       VIII      Notable Early Live Appearances

    Original Publisher: Upper Poppleton, York : Music Mentor Books, [2015]
    Language(s): English