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Cinéma militant political filmmaking and may 1968

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  • Publisher:
    Columbia University Press, 2016
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  • Contributor: Recorded Books, Inc.

    This history covers the filmmaking tradition often referred to as cinEma militant, which emerged in France during the events of May 1968 and flourished for a decade. While some films produced were created by established filmmakers, including Chris Marker, Jean-Luc Godard, and William Klein, others were helmed by left-wing filmmakers working in the extreme margins of French cinema. This latter group gave voice to underrepresented populations, such as undocumented immigrants (sans papiers), entry-level factory workers (ouvriers spEcialisEs), highly intellectual Marxist-Leninist collectives, and militant special interest groups. While this book spans the broad history of this uncharted tradition, it particularly focuses on these lesser-known figures and works and the films of CinElutte, Les groupes medvedkine, Atelier de recherche cinEmatographique, CinEthique, and the influential Marxist filmmaker Jean-Pierre Thorn. Each represent a certain tendency of this movement in French film history, offering an invaluable account of a tradition that also sought to share untold histories.

    Éditeur original: New York, Columbia University Press
    Langue(s): English
    ISBN: 9780231851015