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Descent into night

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  • Auteur: Awumey, Edem
    Contributor: Aronoff, Phyllis; Scott, Howard

    Ito Baraka is going to die. In Gatineau, far from the sun, in a dark, shabby flat he shares with his Native girlfriend, Kimi. But before he can die, he has a book to finish, in which he recounts events in a country where the suns burns, burns the skin, burns the brain, burns the retina of those forced to look at it without blinking. A country where another sun blazes: a dictator in the grips of fear. Is magic not the most dangerous form of subversion? Ito makes the acquaintance of blind Koli Lem. In the middle of the blackest night, in the words they share, in their very flesh, they become each other's sole source of light.

    Genre: Literature
    Éditeur original: Toronto, Ontario, Mawenzi House
    Langue(s): English
    ISBN: 9781988449166, 1988449162