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The Dog Whisperer: the essential guide to understanding and raising a happy dog

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  • Contributor: Rosemary Ronald

    Comprehensive and effective, The Dog Whisperer, is the essential guide to training your canine companion. The author, John Richardson has over thirty years experience training dogs and is Managing Director of Dog Tech International, a firm that specializes in all dog and puppy behavior problems. Based on the premise that the modern dog still shares many of the behavioral characteristics of its ancestor, the Wolf, The Dog Whisperer will show readers the ten keys to effective training and how to put those keys into practice. The methods are all non-aggressive and rely on positive reinforcement, namely the three 'R's' of dog training: Reward, Reinforcement, and Reprimand. This great new book will help readers solve dog behavior problems effectively, and offers a revealing insight into the minds of dogs -- ultimately leading to an improved relationship between readers and their canine friends. Perfect for people who are having behavior difficulties with their dog, or for people who just want to know their dog, and how it thinks, better.

    Éditeur original: Auckland, Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind
    Langue(s): English
    ISBN: 1864366982