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Eco warrior

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  • Auteur: Roy, Philip

    Recently granted registration papers for his submarine, Alfred is no longer an outlaw and is filled with conviction to become an active environmentalist. But in Perth, Australia, he is mistakenly accused of sabotaging an oil tanker, forcing him to escape overland and to Tasmania. There he meets up with Merwin Hughes, an environmentalist- hippy. Al and Merwin strike a deal, whereby Merwin will share all he knows about environmentalism, in exchange for a voyage on Al’s sub. They then travel the “safe” route around the coast of Tasmania, where they spot another tanker on its way (illegally) to refuel the whalers. The pair gets caught in the violent clashing of ships, and the heroic actions of Captain Paul Watson and crew aboard the Sea Shepherd Society’s flagship, the Steve Irwin. Al learns that the war to save the planet is being waged ubiquitously by dedicated individuals, each contributing in his/her own way, and that every action, large or small, matters greatly.

    Éditeur original: Vancouver, Ronsdale Press
    Langue(s): English
    Collection(s)/Series: BC Summer Reading Club 2019