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An elephant in the garden

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    In Dresden, 1945, Elizabeth and Karli’s mother works at the zoo, where her favourite animal is a young elephant named Marlene. Then the zoo director tells her that the dangerous animals -€“ including the elephants -€“ must be shot before the town is bombed.

    Unable to give Marlene up, their mother moves her into the back garden to save her... and then the bombs start to fall. Their home destroyed, the whole family must flee the bombed-out city and through the perilous, snow-covered landscape, all the while avoiding the Russian troops who are drawing ever closer. It would be hard enough to do without an elephant in tow…

    Age: 9+

    Éditeur original: London, HarperCollins Children's
    Langue(s): English
    Collection(s)/Series: BC Summer Reading Club 2017