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As far as my feet will carry me

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    BC Libraries Cooperative, 2021
    Note: his book was recorded thanks to support from the Government of Canada's Social Development Partnerships Program - Disability Component.


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    In 1944, German paratrooper Clemens Forell* was captured by the Soviets and sentenced to twenty-five years of labor in a Siberian lead mine. In the Gulags, this was virtually a death sentence. Driven to desperation by the brutality of the prison camp, he staged a daring escape. For the next three years, Forell traveled 8,000 miles in barren, frozen wilderness, haunted by blizzards, wolves, criminals, the KGB, and the fear of recapture and retribution. Only a remarkable will to survive, and a bit of luck, allowed him to reach the safety of the Persian border. The resulting story is a rare document of the horrors faced by POWs in the Soviet Union, and a testament to the human spirit. Originally published in 1955, Bauer's writing brilliantly evokes Forell's desperation in the prison camp, and his struggle for survival and terror of recapture as he makes his way towards the Persian frontier and freedom. *(Clemens Forell is the name the author gave to the subject of this book, an escaped Russian prisoner of war who wanted to remain anonymous).

    Original Publisher: New York, Skyhorse Pub.
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781620876688