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The gendered society

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  • Contributor: Holler, Jacqueline Zuzann

    In The Gendered Society, Michael S. Kimmel examines our basic beliefs about gender, arguing that men and women are more alike than we have ever imagined. The issues surrounding gender are complex, and in order to clarify them, the author has included a review of the existing literature in related disciplines such as biology, anthropology, psychology, and sociology. With an eye toward the future, Kimmel offers readers a glimpse at gender relations in the next millennium.

    • Introduction : human beings : an engendered species
    • Ordained by nature : biology constructs the sexes
    • "So, that explains it" : psychoanalytic and developmental perspectives on gender
    • Spanning the world : culture constructs gender difference
    • The social construction of gender relations : Sociological and Feminist Perspectives
    • The gendered family : Gender at the Heart of the Home
    • The gendered classroom : Formal Education and the Hidden Curriculum
    • Separate and unequal : the gendered world of work
    • The gendered media : Difference and Domination Glamourized
    • Gendered intimacies : Communication, friendship, love, and sex
    • The gendered body : Prescriptions and Inscriptions
    • The gender of violence : Domination's Endgame.
    Éditeur original: Don Mills, Ont. : Oxford University Press, 2011
    Langue(s): English