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Heaven is all goodbyes

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    This is truly revolutionary poetry. From the corner store to the dilapidated school, from the alleys between downtown office buildings to the prison, voices that have been through too much to care and yet still struggle on, relate the post-industrial U.S. Black experience. A vortex of images, observations, inspired leaps and free associations spill forth from a choir living in oppression and transience, invisible to and dismissive of the mainstream bourgeoisie. Moments of political and spiritual convergence, gangsterism and revolution, surrealism and blunt materiality are captured in the music of metaphor and pure intention. A modern-day Mystic, a true Seer, the depth of the poet's own humanity is rooted in every line, creating a liberated space for pain and beauty through a healing love for his people.

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    • Course of Meal
    • I have to talk to myself differently now
    • Confidence Scheme
    • Wave At The People Walking Upside Down
    • Simplicity of Talent
    • Heaven Is All Goodbyes
    • May we all refuse to die at the same time
    • Look at this ghost that thinks it can fly
    • Skid Bid
    • Where Windows Should Be
    • She Would Untitle This
    • World on a Kite String
    • Selling What Slaves Made
    • Mission Turns
    • Russian Roulette
    • Incense Is Me Smiling
    • Snuck Between Pews Too
    • Empty Spaces
    • Ceiling Traffic
    • May Day
    • Pointing at Passengers
    • Remove my heart racing, and babylon is fine
    • Many Doses To Go or Turns the Pen
    • story that everyone's been
    • Four Walls
    • Scenes Do Not Flee
    • Three buildings make a tide
    • stranger is a stranger
    • Puppets Where You Found Them
    • And So my Strength
    • All Bets
    • Going to be the Poor Man's Star
    • So He Sings Along
    • Channels to fall asleep to
    • For My Best Friend
    • Cut a Hand From a Hand
    • Three Nights In A Row
    • But Rooftops Did All the Work
    • I Almost Go Away
    • Fish With Ambition to Become the River.
    Original Publisher: San Francisco, City Lights Books
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780872867451, 0872867455
    Collection(s)/Series: Griffin Poetry Prize 2018