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The hedge

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  • Publisher:
    Inanna Publications, 2013
    Note: This book was purchased with support from the Government of Canada's Social Development Partnerships Program - Disability Component.


  • Author: McPherson, Anne

    The Hedge, set in early New England, is the story of an intelligent young governor’s wife who is repressed by the severe attitudes of the Puritans, to the point where she withdraws from society, and is considered to have lost her mind. Anne Yale Hopkins comes to Hartford, Connecticut in 1638, delighted to have escaped the household of her stepfather Theophilus Eaton, a rigorous Puritan, by marrying Edward, who becomes governor of Hartford. She is a voracious reader, and has written several books. She can hardly wait to make a fresh start in a new land. Her first enthusiastic impressions of the community gradually change as she comes up against the rigidity and judgmentalism of some of the Puritans. Her strong reactions to their behaviour and ideas cause the community to think she is growing “distracted.” A number of events contribute to her decline: the unwarranted punishment of one of her Native friends, her mother’s trial for heresy, the execution of King Charles, and the loss of two of her three confidantes: Nellie, her maid, and David, her brother, who returns to England. She corresponds cautiously with her beloved cousin, Jane, in London, but Jane’s letters arrive infrequently. With the death of one good Hartford friend, and the departure of the other, she withdraws even more. Edward’s friends advise taking away her books and paper, because they say her brain is overloaded, and that is why she is behaving so oddly. She is devastated, hides her journal and keeps writing. Throughout the story, certain incidents bring up flashes of lost memory. Finally, during her pregnancy, a crucial buried memory is uncovered, and the process of facing a new reality begins.

    Original Publisher: [S.l.], Inanna Publications
    Language(s): English