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Heller with a gun

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  • Author: L'AMOUR, Louis
    Contributor: Geach, Ted

    The Healey Dramatic Company is an itinerant theatrical troupe struggling to stay one step ahead of the bill collector as it travels from mining camps to cow towns. When the troupe decides to head to their next show during a snowstorm, King Mabry is concerned for their safety. His fears aren.t completely alleviated when the performers hire a man to guide them through the Wyoming wilderness, so he follows the unsuspected troupe and their guide. Soon all his misgivings turn to full-fledged alarm when Mabry realizes that the guide is much more dangerous than a snowstorm! King Mabry was as merciless as the frontier that bred him. He was a man who survived by his guns, and not blizzards, nor Indians, nor a wily guide would stop him from seeing the troupe to Wyoming safely.

    Original Publisher: Victoria Park, W.A., Association for the Blind of WA
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 0839826966