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A highland conquest

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  • Auteur: MACHIN, Jeannie
    Contributor: Barbara Reynolds

    Miss Lauren Maitland was American born and bred, but felt quite at home in London society when she came to England to claim a vast inheritance. Only as a guest in Glenvane Castle in the Highlands did she learn how little she knew about sophisticated life and love. Darkly handsome Rory Ardmore, Earl of Glenvane, made her senses swim though he was openly involved with the gorgeous Lady Isabel Maxby. Meanwhile, Rory's wickedly attractive brother Jamie unleashed all his worldly wiles to make Lauren his.

    Éditeur original: London : Robert Hale, 2009, Victoria Park, W.A., Association for the Blind of W.A.
    Langue(s): English
    ISBN: 9780709086581