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To hold the bridge

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  • Auteur: Nix, Garth
    Contributor: Barber, Nicola; Corkhill, Raphael; Coulson, Christian; Crossley, Steven; Crouch, Michael; Lee, John Rafter; Lee, Polly; Porter, Davina; Varhma, Raj; Wayne, Roger
    Edition: Unabridged

    A short story collection from bestselling fantasy author Garth Nix, including an Old Kingdom novella, a short story set in the same world as Shade's Children, and another story set in the world of A Confusion of Princes.

    • To hold the bridge: an Old Kingdom story
    • Creatures of darkness and light. Vampire weather ; Strange fishing in the Western Highlands ; Old friends
    • Standing up: coming-of-age stories. The quiet knight ; The highest justice ; A handful of ashes ; The big question
    • Check your faint heart at the door: combat and struggle. Stop! ; Infestation ; The heart of the city ; Ambrose and the ancient spirits of east and west ; Holly and Iron
    • A wink and a nod: lighthearted tales. The curious case of the moondawn daffodils ; Murder: as experienced by Sir Magnus Holmes and almost-doctor Susan Shrike ; An unwelcome guest ; A sidekick of Mars
    • Under other skies: science fiction. You won't feel a thing ; Peace in our time ; Master Haddad's holiday.
    Éditeur original: [New York], HarperCollins
    Langue(s): English
    ISBN: 9781504612074, 1504612078, 9781504612081, 1504612086