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A house reunited how America survived the Civil War

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  • Auteur: Winik, Jay
    Edition: Unabridged

    In this course, University of Maryland history professor Jay Winik examines the dramatic events leading up to April 1865 and ponders some of the unthinkable alternatives that, had they materialized, would have surely prevented the formation of the country we know today.

    • A nation delayed
    • The dilemma : America as two nations
    • The warrior : Robert E. Lee
    • The epic fall of Richmond
    • The chase - Grant hot on Lee's heels
    • The fateful decision : guerrilla war?
    • U.S. Grant and the historic meeting at Appomattox
    • April 14 - decapitation and the great unraveling?
    • Abraham Lincoln : on whom so much depends
    • Post-assassination: would it now all come undone?
    • The volatile ones: Nathan Bedford Forrest and Bill Sherman
    • The surrender continues
    • The final obstacles to reconciliation
    • What happened to make a nation?
    Éditeur original: Prince Frederick, Md., Recorded Books
    Langue(s): English
    ISBN: 9781461816928