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How to think straight about psychology

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  • Edition: 9th ed
    • Psychology is alive and well (and doing fine among the sciences)
    • Falsifiability : how to foil little green men in the head
    • Operationism and essentialism : "But, doctor, what does it really mean?"
    • Testimonials and case study evidence : placebo effects and the Amazing Randi
    • Correlation and causation : birth control by the toaster method
    • Getting things under control : the case of Clever Hans
    • "But it's not real life!" : the "artificiality," criticism and psychology
    • Avoiding the Einstein syndrome : the importance of converging evidence
    • The misguided search for the "magic bullet" : the issue of multiple causation
    • The Achilles' heel of human cognition : probabilistic reasoning
    • The role of chance in psychology
    • The Rodney Dangerfield of the sciences.
    Éditeur original: Boston : Allyn & Bacon ; Montréal : Pearson, c2010
    Langue(s): English