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The invented life of Kitty Duncan (Benedict Roberts Duncan) : a novel

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  • Author: Meads, Kat

    Hang onto your hats, ladies and gents, you're about to meet some folks you won't soon forget, even if you want to. Kat Meads's hilarious and hair-raising tale of Kitty Duncan's reckless and willful descent into perdition is an irresistible one. She's like some exhilarated musician who has found a mighty new instrument, and blasts one amazing and unexpected chord after another, alarming us with her narrative bravado and enchanting us with her strange and haunting melody"-John Dufresne. Taut, incisive, and sardonic, crisp yet droll, Kat Meads's quirky fiction has an open-door policy allowing emotion, pathos and drama to come inside, to visit for a while, to watch from the sidelines, or put their hands around your throat.

    Original Publisher: Portland [Or.], Chiasmus Press
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 0978549929, 9780978549923