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  • Auteur: CARTER, Mike
    Contributor: Aidee Walker

    Jessie's not so sure about moving to an Outback Australian town, but her Dad and her therapist think it might be good for her. She's leaving her life as Ginny Ford, famous pianist and all-round smart kid, and starting again as Jessica Rutherford. It's supposed to help her get over her breakdown. In small town Nagoorin, Jessie finds friendship with three boys - local ratbags Martin, Grant and Oomu. Always in trouble, the three accept Jessie into their group and show her all about friendship and fun. They form a band, teach her to swim and ride a motorbike. Jessie, in return, shares her talents to get the boys out of some of their scrapes, as well as landing herself in a few of her own.

    Éditeur original: Auckland, N.Z., Royal New Zealand Foundation for the Blind
    Langue(s): English
    ISBN: 0734404832