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Knock 'em dead job interview : how to turn job interviews into job offers

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  • Contributor: Danbury, Peter

    Presents a set of rules and guidelines for effective job interviewing, providing the thought behind three hundred common interview questions and answers and including tips on stressful situations and strange interview venues.

    • The five secrets behind every hiring decision
    • The foundations of career success
    • Understand what you're selling and what your customers are buying
    • How to ace the telephone interview
    • Dress for job interview success
    • Body language
    • The curtain rises on the job interview
    • Why interviewers do the things they do
    • How to knock 'em dead : great answers to tough interview questions
    • Questions of manageability and teamwork
    • How to handle stress and illegal questions
    • Welcome to the real world
    • Strange venues for job interviews
    • The graceful exit
    • How to ace the psychological tests
    • Out of sight can mean out of mind
    • Negotiating the job offer
    • Appendix.: Age discrimination in a youth-oriented culture.
    Original Publisher: [S.l.], Martin Yate, CPC
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781440536793, 1440536791