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Mind hacking secrets

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  • Auteur: Bathla, Som.

    "You don't have to be a genius to find the hidden potential deep in your mind." ~ Ray Davies Do you often  find your thinking pattern stale  and nothing new coming out of your head?   Do you make your decisions often plagued by emotions instead of logic?  Do you tend to avoid new challenges because you  lack problem solving skills ? What if you could  get rid of unresourceful  thinking loops and attract fresh thinking in abundance? What if you could make right decisions even if you lack complete information yet? Imagine having access to the tools used by geniuses to tap their mind's full potential. Imagine spending quality time with your family, friends and loved ones by making your decisions faster and better. . Mind Hacking Secrets  will take you to the depths of your mind and empower you see and hack the hidden limitless potential inside you.  Understand Mind's Operating System And Its Vast Potential Learn the Four Layers of Your Existence and how you are not your mind. Understand how a 3-year old, with 50% of her brain removed can almost work like a normal person? How Hanlon's Razor and Halo Effect adversely impact your regular decision making and what to do about it? Reprogram Your Thoughts, Develop Superior Thinking Abilities & Make Smarter Decisions Faster How two systems of your mind interplay which leads to erroneous decision and the ways to correct it. Learn How 5-Whys Formula can get you to the root cause to help you focus on the real problem. Learn How to use  40-70 Rule  to make decisions even if you don't have full facts. Learn multi-perspective thinking to make flexible, holistic and better decision in less time Get Rid of Distraction and Tricks for Mastering Your Attention Know surprising facts about how  " Memory Athletes"  safeguard themselves from distractions. Learn attention building tricks to train your mind and reclaim your attention. Tap Your Subconscious Mind to Go Beyond the Realm of Known How Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Albert Einsten used this special mental power to see what others can't to make massive inventions? Learn How  Pele almost guaranteed his unbeatable performance  in every football match by following one simple mental trick. Make Best Use of Your Body to Create A Genius Mind Learn how our brain releases wealth of helpful brain chemicals by following this one approach. Discover how  lack of sleep damages your brain's potential  and how should you address this. Understand the research-backed food recommendations to truly nurture your brain and extract the best out of your brain.  "Old ways won't open the new doors." ~ Anonymous It's the time to leave your old baggage behind, explore the best ways to uncover your mind's true potential and start transforming your life. Mind Hacking Secrets  is for anyone and everyone, who is fed up of old ways of thinking and is looking eagerly to learn and experiment unique ways to rewire mind and transform their lives.

    Éditeur original: Oklahoma City, Som Bathla
    Langue(s): English
    ISBN: 9781393425991