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The missing caribou hide : traditional Tilicho stories and legends

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    The Missing Caribou Hide is a story that passes through the years in Tlicho history. It tells of times when people lived a simpler life built around the fur trade, hard work and helping one another. It tells of times when relationships with animals and our environment were stronger than they are today. In this story, a young girl who lives with her grandmother, wishes to own a sled so that she can go sliding like the other children in her community. However, her grandmother needs her to help with chores around the home. The young girl has developed a friendship with Tatso (Raven), Ihk'aa (Canada Jay), Nomba (Weasel) and Nooge (Fox). Because of her kindness, the four animal friends decide to help her out. Included in this book is the use of Tlicho language as well as Tlicho legends told about these animals from the traditional stories of community elders. It has been edited and translated by the community members themselves.

    Sujets: Folk Tales
    Original Publisher: [S.l.], Hancock House Pub Ltd
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 0888397623, 9780888397621, 9780888397638
    Collection(s)/Series: First Nations Communities Read 2023