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My best friend is a viral dancing zombie

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  • Author: Adams, Karin
    Contributor: Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association

    Riley and his best friend Finn know that their zombie movie has what it takes to win the class film competition. But Riley's plan to get their video some attention at a hockey game is ruined when the camera focuses on Finn as a dancing hockey fan instead. With Finn refusing to promote their movie and wanting to go viral on his own, the boys stop collaborating and start competing -- for fame, friendship and their classmate Jasmine. Since work on Riley and Finn's zombie masterpiece is at a standstill, Jasmine convinces Riley to create special effects for her own entry in the class competition. And with the magical musical score Finn has composed for her film, it looks like Jasmine's fantasy love story -- yuck! -- is going to take the big prize. Can Riley save his own movie from this zombie apocalypse and resurrect his friendship with Finn?

    Original Publisher: Halifax, NS, James Lorimer & Company
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781459411289
    Collection(s)/Series: Atlantic Canadian