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My cousin Jane

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  • Auteur: BELL, Barbara
    Contributor: CIELAK, Tracie

    Miss Jane Burch thought she was merely pursuing a harmless deception when she agreed to pose as the respectably aged and unattractive companion of her cousin, the beautiful and reckless Winnifred Timburton. But now Winnifred's new guardian, the dauntingly domineering and heartstoppingly handsome Lord Simon Talent had unmasked Jane for what she was - a lovely and lively young lady, as reckless in her way as Winnifred and no suitable chaperone. Lord Simon was determined to find a proper husband for Winnifred. But for Jane he clearly had other plans - plans that did not include marriage but did include love. Now Jane found herself in an even more demanding game of deception.

    Sujet(s): Romance | Talking books
    Éditeur original: London : Robert Hale, 2008, Victoria Park, W.A., Association for the Blind of W.A.
    Langue(s): English