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Night owl : Upside-down magic series, book 8

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  • Author: Jenkins, Emily
    Contributor: Soler, Rebecca
    Edition: Unabridged

    The Upside-Down Magic kids are back in another topsy-turvy adventure in the next installment of this New York Times bestsellingseries! It's Big Night in Dunwiddle . . . and that means the whole school has a sleepover like no other. For one night every year, magicstudents run through the halls, hunting for the objects that will win them a super special prize.Nory is super excited for the scavenger hunt. Not only because she likes winning, but also because if her team wins, she thinksthere's a chance her best friend Elliott won't move away to attend super snobby Sage Academy.Sebastian is a little less excited once the hunt is on. Yes, he has magical powers that help his team — like being able to seeinvisible things or anything that makes a sound. The problem is that the really loud sounds are hurting him . . . and nobody seemsto care. The kids in Upside-Down Magic know their five F's (Flares, Flyers, Fuzzies, Flickers, and Fluxers) — but to win this night, a sixth Fis the most important . . . Friendship.

    Original Publisher: New York City, Scholastic Inc.
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781338775327
    Collection(s)/Series: TD Summer Reading Club 2022