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The Return

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  • Contributor: BC Libraries Cooperative; National Network for Equitable Library Service; Jimenez, Ginitaz
    Edition: Unabridged

    Sonia knows nothing of Granada's shocking past, but ordering a simple cup of coffee in a quiet cafe will lead her into the extraordinary tale of a family's fight to survive the horror of the Spanish Civil War. Seventy years earlier, in the Ramirez family's cafe, Concha and Pablo's children relish an atmosphere of hope. Antonio is a serious young teacher, Ignacio a flamboyant matador, and Emilio a skilled musician. Their sister, Mercedes, is a spirited girl whose sole passion is dancing, until she meets Javier and an obsessive love affair begins. But Spain is a country in turmoil. In the heat of civil war, everyone must take a side and choose whether to submit, to fight, or to attempt escape.

    Sujet(s): British | Families | Fiction | Spain
    Éditeur original: New York : Harper, 2009, Camden, U.K., Royal National Institute for the Blind
    Langue(s): English