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The road to peace : writings on peace and justice

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  • Contributor: Dear, John

    Throughout his life Henri Nouwen stressed the connection between intimacy with Christ and solidarity with a wounded world. From his early support for the civil rights movement, through his engagement in the cause of peace, to his life with the handicapped members of the L'Arche community, Nouwen was always immersed with the social as well as the spiritual dimensions of the gospel. In gathering together Nouwen's many writings on peace and social justice, editor John Dear amplifies this crucial element of Nouwen's message about the call of Christian discipleship. At the same time, Nouwen calls on activists to be peacemakers in the fullest sense: to root their witness in prayer, joy, and a spirit of love. For all those who have read and treasured the life and work of Henri Nouwen, The Road to Peace is an inspiration, and a challenge to live our Christian lives with both love and action.

    • Introduction / John Dear
    • I. House of Peace
    • 1. Peace, a Gift We Receive in Prayer
    • 2. Resisting the Forces of Death
    • 3. Celebrating Life
    • 4. Living in the House of Love
    • 5. "No" to the Vietnam War
    • 6. Cry for Peace
    • II. Journey to Racial Equality
    • 7. We Shall Overcome: A Pilgrimage to Selma, 1965
    • 8. Were You There?: The Death of Martin Luther King, Jr., 1968
    • III. Cry of the Poor in Central and South America
    • 9. Christ of the Americas
    • 10. Message of Oscar Romero
    • 11. "We Drink from Our Own Wells"
    • IV. Life at L'Arche
    • 12. L'Arche and the Heart of God
    • 13. L'Arche and the World
    • V. Compassion in the Time of AIDS
    • 14. Our Story, Our Wisdom
    • VI. Solidarity with the Human Family
    • 15. Social Compassion
    • 16. Thomas Merton's Call to Contemplation and Action
    • 17. Journey from Despair to Hope
    • 18. Prayer That Embraces the World
    • 19. God Is Waiting for Us to Respond.
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