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Skateboard Sibby

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  • Auteur: O'Connor, Clare

    Eleven-year-old super skateboarder Sibby Henry liked her life just fine until her father quit his job and forced her family to move from Charlottetown to Halifax. Now she's living with her Nan and Pops, starting at a new school and missing her super best friend Vera. On top of all that, Sibby is without the one thing that helps her feel confident and grounded: her skateboard. Within minutes of arriving at her new school, Sibby knows she will have a hard time following Vera's two rules for making new friends. First rule, stay chill. Second, ignore trouble. It's hard to be chill when you see a brand new super dope skate park but you no longer have a skateboard. And, when a kid named Freddie starts to push Sibby's friend around, Sibby knows she's found the kind of trouble that can't be ignored. Grades 5-8. 2019.

    Éditeur original: Toronto, ON, Second Story Press, 2019, Toronto, Toronto, CELA, CNIB
    Langue(s): English
    ISBN: 9780221038112, 0221038116