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Spacehounds of IPC : a tale of the Inter-planetary corporation.

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  • Contributor: Nelson, Mark

    When the Inter-Planetary Corporation's (IPC) crack liner, "IPV Arcturus", took off on a routine flight to Mars, it turned out to be the beginning of an unexpected and long voyage. There had been too many reports of errors in ship's flight positions from the Check Stations and brilliant physicist Dr. Percival (“Steve”) Stevens is aboard the Arcturus on a fact-finding mission to find out what's really happening, and hopefully save the honor of the brave pilots of the space-liner Arcturus from the desk-jockeys' in the Check Stations implications of imprecision - the nastiest insult you could cast at a ships pilot.

    Original Publisher: Reading, Pa., Fantasy Press, 1947, Victoria Park, Western Australia, Association for the Blind of Western Australia
    Language(s): English