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Translating the Occupation : The Japanese Invasion of China, 1931–45

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    UBC Press, 2021
    Note: This book was purchased with support from the Government of Canada's Social Development Partnerships Program - Disability Component.


  • Contributor: Henshaw, Jonathan; Smith, Craig A.; Smith, Norman

    This book will appeal to scholars, students, and general readers of East Asian history and the history of the Second World War, and will find use in undergraduate and graduate courses.

    • Introduction: Discarding Binaries and Embracing Heteroglossia / Jonathan Henshaw, Craig A. Smith, and Norman SmithPart 1: Manchukuo1 Tales of Opening Manchuria / Ronald Suleski2 Sakuta Shōichi, "The Light of Asia" / Bill Sewell and Norio Ota3 Writings of Manchukuo's Prime Minister Zheng Xiaoxu / Hua Rui4 Education Policies and Theories in Manchukuo / Wang Yu5 The Second Sino-Japanese War, Propaganda, and Medical Publications: Kaneko Junji's 'The China Incident from the Perspective of Psychiatry" / Janice Matsumura6 An Inspection Report on Ideological Movements in Literature and Arts Activities / Xie Miya Qiong7 Collection of Literary Selections by Each Ethnicity in Manchukuo-1, "Statements by Selectors" / Annika A. Culver8 Open Letters from Women Writers of Manchukuo: Mei Niang and Wu Ying, Jia Ren to Yang Xu / Norman Smith9 The Lives of Korean Women in Manchukuo / Jonghyun LeePart 2: East China10 Xu Zhuodai, "Remarkable Soy Sauce!" / Christopher Rea11 The Diary of Zhang Gang: An Excerpt / Weiting Guo 12 Two Indestructible Pillars of the Great Wall / Jennifer Junwa Lau13 Uchiyama Bookstore: Sino-Japanese Cultural Exchanges in the Midst of War / Naoko Kato14 Finding China's "Asia" in Japanese Asianism / Torsten Weber15 Collaboration and Propaganda: Yang Honglie and His Eight Speeches on Great Asianism / Craig A. Smith16 The New Citizen's Movement and Wang Jingwei-ism / Craig A. Smith17 The Diaries of Zhou Fohai: Selected Translations from 1938 / Brian G. Martin18 Kiang Kang-hu: "Starvation is a Serious Matter" / Jonathan Henshaw19 Guan Lu, "How to Be a New Woman": Shanghai, March 1942/ Norman Smith20 Yuan Shu: "The Current Stage of the Chinese Revolution and the Problem of Constitutional Government" / Matthew GalwayPart 3: North China and Beyond21 Tang Erhe's Educational Collaboration with Japan in North China, 1937–40 / David Luesink22 The Transformation of Zhou Zuoren's Thought and the Rhetorical Strategies Found in His Writing: "The Problem of Chinese Thought" / Xue Bingjie23 Zhou Zuoren's Letter to Zhou Enlai / Timothy Cronin24 Lin Yutang: Non-Aligned Intellectual on the Japanese Occupation / Son Yoo Di25 Struggles between Local Powers and Collaboration: Yan Xishan, the CCP, and the Western Shanxi Incident / Timothy Cheek26 Tapping Into the Premodern Work-Contracting System / Zhang Yuanfang27 An Anarchist Popular Resistance: The Awakening and China's Resistance War at Home and Abroad / Morgan Rocks28 Resolutions on Preventing Hanjian Activities and Espionage / Yun Xia 29 Kishida Kunio and the Problems of Culture / Timothy IlesContributors; Index.
    Original Publisher: [Place of publication not identified], UBC Press
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780774864497, 0774864494