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The unpersuadables : adventures with the enemies of science

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  • Auteur: Storr, Will
    Edition: First edition

    Interweaves personal memoir and investigative journalism with the latest neuroscience and experimental psychology research to reveal how the stories individuals tell themselves about the world shape their beliefs, leading to self-deception, toxic partisanship, and science denial.

    • 'It's like treason'
    • 'I don't know what's going on with these people...'
    • 'The secret of the long life of the tortoise'
    • 'Two John Lennons'
    • 'Solidified, intensified, gross sensations'
    • 'The invisible actor at the centre of the world'
    • 'Quack'
    • 'Some type of tiny wasps'
    • 'Top dog wants his name in'
    • 'They're frightening people'
    • 'There was nothing there, but I knew it was a cockerel'
    • 'I came of exceptional parents'
    • 'Backwards and forwards in the slime'
    • 'That one you just go, "Eeerrrr"'
    • 'A suitable place'
    • Epilogue : the hero-maker.
    Éditeur original: New York, NY, The Overlook Press
    Langue(s): English