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  • Contributor: Gordan Mackenzie

    Walden is an autobiographical account of Henry David Thoreau's experiment in simple living in a small one room cabin on the banks of Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts. He lived there 2 years and 2 months, he recounts in the beginning of the text, but condensed the narrative to just one year for clarity. The book is essentially Thoreau's exploration of just how simple one person could live, by looking at things in ideal terms and trying to work some of those things into his way of life. He asks, what are the essentials for a person to live and go about living? Noting that until these thing have been gotten, man cannot confront more meaningful pursuits.

    Éditeur original: Victoria Park, W.A., Association for the Blind of W.A.
    Langue(s): English
    ISBN: 0983964100