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We all need to eat

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  • Publisher:
    BookThug, 2018
    Note: This book was purchased with support from the Government of Canada's Social Development Partnerships Program - Disability Component.


  • Author: Leslie, Alex

    We All Need to Eat, is a new collection of linked stories from award-winning author Alex Leslie that revolve around Soma, a young Queer woman in Vancouver, chronicling her attempts to come to grips with herself, her family and her sexuality. Set in different moments falling between Soma's childhood and her late thirties, each story-bold and varying in its approach to narrative-presents a sea change in Soma's life, from Soma becoming addicted to weightlifting while going through a break-up in her thirties; to her complex relationship with her younger brother after she leaves home revealed over the course of a long family chicken dinner; to Soma's struggles to cope with her mother's increasing instability by becoming fixated on buying her a lamp for seasonal affective disorder; and the far-reaching impact and lasting reverberations of Soma's family's experience of the Holocaust as it scrapes up against the rise of Alt Right media. Lyrical, gritty and atmospheric, Soma's stories refuse to shy away from the contradictions inherent to human experience, exploring one young person's journey through mourning, escapism, and the search for nourishment.

    Original Publisher: Toronto, BookThug
    Language(s): English
    Collection(s)/Series: BC Book Prizes 2019 | LGBTQIA2S+