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What comes echoing back

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    Nimbus, 2023


  • Author: McKay Jr, Leo.

    The worst moment of Sam's life was captured on video and shared across the internet for all to gawk at. This is something she has in common with Robot, who just wants to move past the mistakes he's made, if only his small town will let him. When the two meet in a high school music class, they start to find their way to each other. Music might offer a way not only forward, but forward together, if Sam and Robot can overcome the echoes of the moments that made them infamous. The past reverberates in ways we don't expect, in this new novel by Giller Prize-shortlisted author Leo McKay Jr. From family secrets and old relationships that resurface, to the tape loops that endlessly replay private moments of trauma and despair, What Comes Echoing Back travels back and forth in time to get to what's true, with humour, humanity, and the healing power of music.

    Original Publisher: Toronto, Nimbus
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781774711675
    Collection(s)/Series: Canada Reads 2024