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Why does my shadow follow me? : more science questions from real kids

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  • Author: Vermond, Kira
    Contributor: Ontario Science Centre; Ogawa, Suharu; Caldwell, Claire

    Science starts with a question in this fascinating compendium for curious kids. The team behind the acclaimed Why Don't Cars Run on Apple Juice? is back to tackle more kid questions like "Are birds really dinosaurs?" and "Why do we have butts?" With help from science center experts, Kira Vermond packs mind-boggling facts into answers that encourage further inquiry, covering topics over five sections: animals, the human body, planet Earth, tech and innovation, and outer space. From glowing scorpions and prehistoric sharks to stem cells and Mars missions, Suharu Ogawa's colorful, zesty illustrations enhance Vermond's lively tone.

    • Cute critters and up-ROAR-ious creatures : Earth is crawling with incredible animals
    • The world inside us : from nose to toes and brains to bums, our bodies are amazing
    • This planet we call home : Earth is a naturally curious place
    • Tremendous tech and inspiring innovations : science can make life better, safer, and more fun
    • Our out-of-this-world universe : far-out facts about space.
    Original Publisher: Toronto : Annick Press Ltd., [2021], ©2021, Toronto, Ontario, CELA
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781039597648, 1039597645
    Collection(s)/Series: TD Summer Reading Club 2023