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Why you love music : from Mozart to Metallica : the emotional power of beautiful sounds

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  • Author: Powell, John
    Contributor: Fox, Phil

    Why does music affect us so profoundly? The songs we love do far more than bring back happy memories. They impact the way we think, talk, feel, behave, and even spend money. With his conversational style, humor, and endless knowledge, scientist and musician John Powell explores the fascinating science of music, showing that shoppers spend more money in stores that play classical music and that music can even change the flavor of wine! With chapters on music and our emotions (why do we listen to sad music?), music as medicine (how does music reduce pain at the dentist?), music and intelligence (how does the 'Mozart effect' really work?), and much more, WHY YOU LOVE MUSIC provides a fascinating study of how our brains respond to the joys of music.

    • What is your taste in music?
    • Lyrics, and meaning in music
    • Music and your emotions
    • Repetition, surprises and goosebumps
    • Music as medicine
    • Can music make you more intelligent?
    • From psycho to star wars-the power of movie music
    • Are you musically talented?
    • A few notes about notes
    • What's in a tune?
    • Untangling the melody from the accompaniment
    • Don't believe everything you hear
    • Dissonance
    • How musicians push our emotional buttons
    • Why you love music
    • Fiddly details A : timbre
    • Fiddly details B : post-skip reversal
    • Fiddly details C : harmonizing a tune
    • Fiddly details D : how many tunes are hidden in the harmony?
    • Fiddly details E : scales and keys.
    Original Publisher: New York, Little, Brown and Company
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780316260688, 0316260681, 9780316268523, 0316268526