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Women of influence, women of vision : a cross-generational study of leaders and social change

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  • Auteur: Astin, Helen S.
    Contributor: Leland, Carole

    "A dry look at late-20th-century feminist leaders in academia, by a psychologist and professor of higher education at UCLA (Astin) and a senior program associate at the Center for Creative Leadership in San Diego (Leland). Inspired by the 1983 Wingspread Conference in Racine, Wisconsin, at which a group of women leaders from diverse fields met to share their observations about the impact of the women's movement on the lives of women, the authors followed up with this study of 77 female leaders in higher education--including university presidents, professors, writers, and activists--and their personal experiences as agents of change."

    Éditeur original: San Francisco : Jossey-Bass Pub., 1991
    Langue(s): English