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Using the Bookshelf Feature

Adding Books

The bookshelf is a place to keep track of titles that you have read or would like to read later. Note that you must be logged in to use this feature. To add books to your bookshelf, use the “Add to bookshelf” link under each title on the search results page.  Visually, it is on the far right of the screen across from the book’s title. You can also find the same link after clicking on a title to view its details. It is located beneath the level 1 heading on that page. To remove the book from your bookshelf, click on the same link, now called “Remove from bookshelf.”

Accessing the Bookshelf

To access your bookshelf, use the “My Bookshelf” link located near the top of every page. When the page loads, navigate to the main content section. Here you will find  a list of all the books that have been added shown as a table and links to download the list as a Word document or spreadsheet.

Prior to the main content, under the menu at the top of the page, there are 3 primary tabs which are shortcuts to account specific settings, located underneath the level 2 heading. They are “account info,” “account settings,” and “my bookshelf,” which is the tab we are currently on.

Most actions are carried out using the table. The table has five columns. Each row represents an item in the bookshelf, so the number of rows varies due to the number of titles you have added. The first column shows the title of the book. You can click on the title to view its details. By default, the list is organized in alphabetical descending order based on the titles in the bookshelf. You can click on the “Title” header in the first column or the “Author” header in the second column to change this. A “sort descending” link, located in the same cell, will appear. Click this to change the list to ascending order. Use the same link, now called “sort ascending” to switch back. The third and fourth columns shows the book’s format(s), and the book summary. The fifth column contains a “Remove” link for each book.

Screenshot of the bookshelf table in NNELS. The titles in the book shelf "Heads up: Changing minds on Mental Health",  are "My name will grow wild like a tree: Selected poems", and "Hench: a novel".

Viewing the Bookshelf in a Different Format

Underneath the table are two links that allow you to view the list of titles in another format. Use the “Download DOC file” link to access it as a Microsoft Word document or the “Download XLS file” link to get it as an Excel spreadsheet. The list of books in these documents are also displayed as tables.