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BC Open Textbooks

These open textbooks are openly licensed using a Creative Commons license, and are freely available in ebook formats, or through print-on-demand books available at cost.

NNELS is facilitating access to these publicly available textbooks by including catalogue records with links to these textbooks. All the links in these records will take you to the BC Open Textbooks website.

An important facet of the Open Textbooks is that they were written and designed with accessibility in mind. All are available in more than one format, and cover a range of topics including arts, business, health, recreation and tourism, science, social science, trades, and upgrading programs.

The BC Campus Open Textbooks Project was Canada’s first official open textbook project. Funding for the first stage was announced by the BC provincial government's Ministry of Advanced Education in October 2012, with a second round of funding being announced in the spring of 2014, particularly for trades and skills training.

For more information, please see the full listing of the Open Textbooks and learn more about the Open Textbooks history and rationale.



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