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Getting a Hardcopy Braille Book

NNELS offers a collection of high quality human transcribed braille books as part of our distributed braille collection. These are physical books stored by our partners or host libraries across Canada. The collection contains novels, guides, recipes, and even tactile images.

To use this service, follow these steps:

  1. Find a book using the “Search” feature or by browsing our distributed braille collection.
  2. Determine if the book is available in hardcopy format by looking for the “Hardcopy Braille format available”, or the “Print Braille format available” message, under the list of formats for that book entry. You can also see this information when you click on the title to view its details.
  3. Let your local library know that you want to borrow the book. They will get in touch with the host library to ship it to your local library.
  4. Pick up the book from your local library. When you are finished with it, return it to your local library and they will take care of the return shipping.