Tutorial: Transferring DAISY books to the Victor Reader Stream

  1. Find and select the folder with your unzipped DAISY book
  2. Copy the selected folder
  3. Connect your Stream cable to the computer with your DAISY files or put the SD card or USB key of your Stream into the computer
  4. Locate the card and double click
  5. Locate the $VRDTB folder and open it. If there is no folder called $VRDTB, create one by creating a new folder and renaming it to $VRDTB.
  6. Paste the DAISY book folder at that location and wait for it to complete the transfer.
  7. Disconnect your device following the steps to safely remove hardware.
  8. The book should then be on the Stream bookshelf.

Additional tips:

  • If using USB, you will need to create a folder called $VRDTB and put the folders of books into that folder. 
  • If transferring an MP3 talking book, you may need to create a $VROtherBooks folder.
  • For e-text, create a $VRText folder.
  • For more options and help, see section 1.6 of the Victor Stream User Manual.

For more information on the Victor Reader Stream visit the Humanware site.

Additional software for managing files on the Stream, including the Stream Companion, can be found on HumanWare's support page.

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