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Opening the NNELS Website using iOS Voice Control

Last updated: March 5, 2024

Suggestion:  Add to your " favourites " list in your browser. Dictating letters into the address field takes much longer and only sometimes works well.  There is a workaround, and more about this in the “Logging in and signing up” in the next section below.


  1. Starting from your “Home” page, using Voice Control, say “Open Safari”.
  2. Once Safari is open, say, “Show numbers continuously”.  This will label all elements of the Safari page. Saying “continuously” after “Show numbers” will continue to return the numbers to the screen until you give the “Hide numbers” command. You can also use item names rather than numbers by using the “Show names” or “Show names continuously” command. “Hide names” will remove the item names from the screen.
  3. Next, say, “Tap Bookmarks”, or if you are using numbers, say the “number” next to the bookmarks icon, a small blue rectangle at the top left of the Safari screen. This should open the “Safari” menu on the left side of the page.
  4. Again, say “Tap Bookmarks” if you are using names, or say the number next to the word “Bookmarks” if you use numbers.
  5. When the following menu appears, Say, “Tap Favorites” or say the number next to “Favorites”.
  6. Say “Tap National Network for Equitable Library Service” (NNELS) or say the number next to NNELS (This number depends on where is situated on your list of “Favorites”).  If you’re looking for NNELS and it’s further down the list, say, “Scroll down”.  You can also use the commands “Scroll up”, “Scroll to top”, and “Scroll to bottom”.  If you need to scroll just a bit more or less distance, use the commands “Pan down” or “Pan up”.

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