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American inquisition : the era of McCarthyism

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  • Edition: Unabridged

    In this course, Yeshiva University history professor Ellen Schrecker investigates the early years of the Cold War and the anticommunist witch hunt that we now call McCarthyism as it swept through Americna society.

    • Junius Scales and my sixth-grade teacher : two stories of the McCarthy Era
    • Communism in America : the world of the witches
    • Anticommunism in America : the world of the witch hunters
    • The rehersal for McCarthyism : anticommunism and political repression before the Cold War
    • The Cold War comes to Washington
    • The orchestra leader : J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI, and the machinery of McCarthyism
    • Soviet espionage and internal security : the big spy cases and their political impact
    • The committees and their witnesses : "Are you now or have you ever been ... ?"
    • Joe McCarthy and the loss of China : anticommunism as partisan politics
    • The Hollywood Blacklist and beyond : the entertainment industry under fire
    • On the waterfront and in the schools : political tests for employment
    • The dog that didn't bark : the collapse of the liberals
    • Collateral damage : private lives during the red scare
    • McCarthyism and American democracy : what were the costs?
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