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Black writers matter

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    Voix de: Espoir Segbeaya
    BC Libraries Cooperative, 2020
    Note: This book was recorded thanks to support from the Government of Canada's Social Development Partnerships Program - Disability Component.


  • Contributor: French, Whitney; Segbeaya, Espoir

    An anthology of African-Canadian writing, Black Writing Matters offers a cross-section of established writers and newcomers to the literary world who tackle contemporary and pressing issues with beautiful, sometimes raw, prose. As Whitney French says in her introduction, Black Writing Matters "injects new meaning into the word diversity [and] harbours a sacredness and an everydayness that offers Black people dignity." An "invitation to read, share, and tell stories of Black narratives that are close to the bone," this collection feels particular to the Black Canadian experience.

    • Foreword. Performing miracles: black writers matter / Dr. Afua Cooper
    • The act of gathering / Whitney French
    • Everyday people. What will you tell your children / Wimone Makeba Dalton
    • Glass lasagna / Cason sharpe
    • Hunger games: a quiz / Rowan McCandless
    • Being a shark: reflection on blackness in Canadian wilderness / Phillip Dwight Morgan
    • Heavy scarves / Fatuma Adar
    • In Chayo's cab: an interview with Chayo Mosses Nywello / Whitney French
    • Uninterrupted / Méshama Rose Eyob-Austin
    • Progress report / Christina Brobby
    • Letters to community. Diasporic narratives: lived experiences of Canadian African descent in rural New Brunswick / Mary Louise McCarthy
    • Paternal blood memory: Volume 1 / Kyla Farmer
    • On haunted places: encountering slavery in Quebec / Délice Mugabo
    • The place that is supposed to be safe / Angela Wright
    • Sham and the kinship of sexual violence / Rachel Zellers
    • As long as they think they are white / Scott Fraser
    • A family complication: writing about race as a black, south Asian woman / Eternity martis
    • My ancestors' wildest dreams: interview of identity, selfhood and joy with Afro-Indigenous youth / Shammy Belmore, Simone Blais, Wenzdae Brewster, Kaya Joan
    • Black writers matter. Sister vision: black women and Women of Colour Press / Makeda Sliver
    • Becoming poetry: queer blackness as the full absorption of light / Sapphire Woods
    • Memorialty / Christelle Saint-Julien
    • Fiction is not frivolous: a lecture / H. Nigel Thomas
    • A picture of words / Angela Walcott
    • Demand space / Chelene Knight
    • Black/Disabled/Artist / Brandont Wint.
    Original Publisher: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, University of Regina Press
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9780889776166, 0889776164