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Canada wild : animals found nowhere else on Earth

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  • Contributor: MacAskill, Alex

    Canada is home to over 308 endemic species of plants and animals--meaning they're found nowhere else on Earth. In Canada Wild, award-winning author Maria Birmingham introduces young readers to twelve uniquely Canadian animals--many of which are threatened or endangered. Like the Sable Island sweat bee, which lives on a single sandbar three hundred kilometres off the coast of Nova Scotia; the Kermode bear, the rare white black bear also known as the "Spirit Bear," which calls the coastal rainforests of northwestern BC home; and the Peary caribou, which can be found clomping through the Arctic tundra of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Profiles of each animal showcase their habitat, diet, and status, while sidebars highlight fascinating facts about each animal, and a How's It Doing section explains where it falls on the endangerment spectrum. Informative backmatter gives young readers practical advice on conservation and combating climate change, while colour illustrations throughout--including a map of Canada, showing the animals' habitats--offer whimsical yet scientifically accurate depictions. From the coasts to the prairies to the mountains to the tundra, and every nook and cranny in between, Canada Wild is the perfect read for budding naturalists.

    Original Publisher: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Nimbus Publishing
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    ISBN: 9781774711330, 1774711338
    Collection(s)/Series: Red Cedar Book Awards 2023/24