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Frenemy nations : love and hate between neighbo(u)ring states

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    How can neighbours that are geographically side by side be worlds apart politically, culturally, ideologically, and economically? In Frenemy Nations, Mary Soderstrom presents a unique perspective on the strife caused by the "narcissism of small differences" between neighbouring jurisdictions. She examines some of the world's odd couples, including Canada and the United States; Quebec and the rest of Canada; New Hampshire and Connecticut; Haiti and the Dominican Republic; Brazil and Spanish-speaking Latin America; Rwanda and Burundi; and many more. While geographical proximity can make for cordial relationships, colonial histories, language, women's roles, differing levels of education, and competition for resources can also lead to conflict.

    Original Publisher: Regina, Saskatchewan, University of Regina Press
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 0889776725, 9780889776722, 9780889776876, 0889776873