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The hanging of Angélique : the untold story of Canadian slavery and the burning of Old Montréal

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  • Auteur: Cooper, Afua

    Writer, historian and poet Afua Cooper tells the astonishing story of Marie-Joseph Angélique, a slave woman convicted of starting a fire that destroyed a large part of Montréal in April 1734 and condemned to die a brutal death. In a powerful retelling of Angélique's story--now supported by archival illustrations--Cooper builds on 15 years of research to shed new light on a rebellious Portuguese-born black woman who refused to accept her indentured servitude. At the same time, Cooper completely demolishes the myth of a benign, slave-free Canada, revealing a damning 200- year-old record of legally and culturally endorsed slavery.

    • I The Torture and Hanging of Angelique 14
    • II Atlantic Origins: The Slave Woman from Portugal 23
    • III The Secret of Slavery in Canada 68
    • IV Bourgeois Slaveholders: Francois Poulin de Francheville and Therese de Couagne 107
    • V Angelique's Montreal 141
    • VI First Fire, First Flight 175
    • VII April's Fire 189
    • VIII The Aftermath 200
    • IX The Trial 214
    • X The Verdict 252
    • XI The Appeal and Final Judgment 261
    • XII The Execution 282
    • XIII Angelique, the Arsonist 286
    • Epilogue: A Silenced Voice Heard Again 293.
    Éditeur original: Athens, University of Georgia Press
    Langue(s): English
    ISBN: 0820329398, 9780820329390, 0820329401, 9780820329406