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Introductory statistics


  • Contributor: BC Open Textbook Project; BCcampus; Zhang, Zhiyi

    "This book is meant to be a textbook for a standard one-semester introductory statistics course for general education students.Over time the core content of this course has developed into a well-defined body of material that is substantial for a one-semester course. The authors believe that the students in this course are best served by a focus on the core material and not by an exposure to a plethora of peripheral topics. Therefore in writing this book we have sought to present material that comprises fully a central body of knowledge that is defined according to convention, realistic expectation with respect to course duration and students' maturity level, and our professional judgment and experience."--BCcampus website.

    Sujet(s): Statistics | Textbooks
    Éditeur original: [S.l.], [Flat World Knowledge]
    Langue(s): English
    Collection(s)/Series: BC Open Textbooks