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It gets better : coming out, overcoming bullying, and creating a life worth living

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  • Contributor: Miller, Terry; Savage, Dan; Garcia, Paul Michael; Gavin, Marguerite
    Edition: Unabridged

    After a number of suicides by LGBT students who were bullied in school, Dan Savage and his partner uploaded a video to YouTube to inspire hope for LGBT youth, launching the It Gets Better Project. This is a collection of encouraging essays from the project.

    • Introduction / Dan Savage
    • A message from President Barack Obama / by Barack Obama
    • You will find your people / by Laurel Slongwhite
    • The life almost lost / by Bruce Ortiz
    • In the early morning rain / by Jennifer Finney Boylan
    • Something has changed within me / by Gregory Maguire
    • Action makes it better / by Urvashi Vaid
    • You are a rubber band, my friend / by Brinae Lois Gaudet
    • God believes in you / by Bishop Gene Robinson
    • The person worth fighting for is you / by Alex R. Orue
    • A message from Ellen DeGeneres / by Ellen DeGeneres
    • Life unfolds exactly as it should (but not as you planned) / by Sean Blane and David Rosen
    • It gets better for a British soldier / by Lance Corporal James Wharton
    • Getting stronger and staying alive / by Gabrielle Rivera
    • Coming out of the Shtetl: gay Orthodox Jews / by Marc Tannen
    • Going back in / by Michael Cunningham
    • And the Emmy goes to ... / by Barbara Gaines
    • A message from US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
    • This I know for sure / by A.Y. Daring
    • It gets better Broadway / by Members of the Broadway and New York Theater Community
    • Rockin' the flannel shirt / by Krissy Mahan
    • How it got better for an ordained Christian minister / by Professor Stephen V. Sprinkle
    • Out of darkness / by Philip Deal
    • I was a teenage lesbian by Alison Bechdel
    • Something special / by Sia Furler
    • The dinner party / by Adam Roberts
    • What I wish I knew / by Ivan Coyote
    • Freedom from fear / by Michael Feinstein
    • A Message from Prime Minister David Cameron
    • You will meet people who celebrate you / by Jenn and Erika Wagner-Martin
    • An identity unfolded / by Mark Ramirez
    • A message from Suze Orman
    • Brothers: it gets better / by Lenox Magee, Rannon Harris, David Dodd, and Kean Ray
    • Drop dead, warlock / by David Sedaris
    • Gwendolyn gone / by Meshell Ndegeocello
    • Growing Up Gay ... and KINKY / by Dart
    • The biggest gift / by Stewart Taylor
    • A message from Senator Al Franken / by Al Franken
    • Transsexual prairie girl / by Tamsyn Waterhouse
    • Art from rage / by Jake Shears
    • It gets better / by Bashar Makhay
    • Too good to be true / by Cameron Tuttle
    • Journey to a better life / by Juan Carlos Galan, MS
    • The gay guy in the band / by Kevin Samual Yee
    • Will I grow up to be Paul Lynde? / by Andy Cohen
    • Finding who I am / by Hunter Adeline Brady
    • Community / by Chaz Bono
    • A message from Nancy Pelosi / by Nancy Pelosi
    • Gunn's golden rules / by Tim Gunn
    • Perfect, just the way you are / by Darren Hayes
    • Where happiness is / by Natalie Sperry Mandelin
    • Not-normal / by Michael K. Wells
    • Born this way by Perez Hilton
    • Darn it / by Kate Clinton
    • Look at the moon / by Agustin Cepeda
    • Critical shifts / by Jesse Barnes
    • For Aideybear / by Ava Dodge
    • A message from John Berry / by John Berry
    • The show must go on / by Kyle Dean Massey
    • Survival Tools / by Ellen Forney
    • Dear Uncle Ronnie / by randy roberts potts
    • My office wall / by Trevor Corneil
    • Keep on livin' / by J.D. Samson
    • It gets better because you're a little different / by Dave Holmes
    • Unapologetically, me / by Demetrius Gittens
    • A collective voice / by Gabe Milligan-Green, Addy Cahill, and Russell Peck
    • I didn't always wear a tuxedo / by Murray Hill
    • How I got over / by Tuan N'Gai
    • A "better" evolution / by Joseph Odysseus Mastro
    • Save yourself, save the world / by Khris Brown
    • Becoming an authentic person / by Nicholas Wheeler
    • On the other side / by Jay A. Foxworthy and Bryan Leffew
    • Bully me / by Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum
    • To the bullies / by Tristan Jackson (TJ)
    • The good fight / by Kristel Yoneda
    • A message from Kevin Hague / by Kevin Hague
    • Haters can't hate someone who loves themselves, and if they do, who cares / by Lynn Breedlove
    • Not playing at a cinema near you / by Rebecca Brown
    • From "faggot" to field biologist / by Christopher A. Schmitt
    • It got better / by Stephen D. Lorimor
    • Our parents as allies / by Lawrence Gullo, Fyodor Pavlov, Eileen Charbonneau, and Ed Gullo
    • Lesbian teacher believes in you / by Kristin Rivers
    • Stepping off the sidelines
    • by Wayne Knaub
    • My own worst enemy / by Jessica Leshnoff
    • You are a beloved child of God / by Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson
    • Transgendered and self-educated in Maine / by Jean Vermette
    • The power of "You" / by Luan Legacy
    • It gets better for small towners, too / by Dwayne Steward
    • To me: with love and squalor / by Terry Galloway
    • Happiness is inevitable / by Henry Winfiele
    • Wish I'd been sassier! / by Brian Gallivan
    • Protect and serve loves Semper Fidelis / by J.D. Davis and Allen D. Stone
    • The doors of acceptance / by Shaun Ridgway
    • Hope out of tragedy / by Matthew Anthony Houck
    • Patience makes perfect ... sense / by Angelo D'Agostino
    • Christian LGBT kids: you're part of the plan / by Raven Mardirosian
    • Terrible day / by Patrick Murphy
    • The worst of both worlds / by Michelle Faid
    • Closets on fire / by Anthony Antoine
    • The King brothers / by Dick and Mark S. King
    • Community found / by Taylor Bailey
    • From scared to proud: the journey of a gay medical student / by Jake Kleinman
    • Authentic self / by Sara Sperling
    • You can live a life that's worth living / by Kate Bornstein
    • Epilogue / by Terry Miller.
    Original Publisher: [Ashland, Oregon], Blackstone Publishing
    Language(s): English
    ISBN: 9781455113378, 1455113379, 9781455113385, 1455113387
    Collection(s)/Series: LGBTQIA2S+