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Legacy : trauma, story and Indigenous healing

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  • Author: Methot, Suzanne

    Exploring intergenerational trauma in Indigenous communities--and strategies for healing--with provocative prose and an empathetic approach Indigenous peoples have shockingly higher rates of addiction, depression, diabetes, and other chronic health conditions than other North Americans. According to the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, these are a result of intergenerational trauma: the unresolved terror, anger, fear, and grief created in Indigenous communities by the painful experiences of colonialism, passed down from generation to generation. How are we to turn this desperate tide? With passionate argumentation and chillingly clear prose, author and educator Suzanne Methot uses her own and others' stories to trace the roots of colonial trauma and the mechanisms by which trauma has become intergenerational, and she explores the Indigenous ways of knowing that can lead us toward change.

    • 1. How things work, and why stories matter
    • 2. What it means to be colonized
    • 3. Becoming human
    • 4. The angry Indian and a culture of blame
    • 5. Invisible roots
    • 6. Fractured narratives
    • 7. What the body remembers
    • 8. Sacred being
    • 9. Recreating the structures of belonging
    • 10. Killing the Wittigo
    • Author's note
    • Acknowledgments
    • Sources
    • Index
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    • About the author.
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